Privacy Policy

On this web site the Columbus Bar Association ("CBA") collects limited non-personally-identifiable information, as well as such personally-identifiable information as our web site users ("you") choose to give us. The privacy policy posted on our web site at the time you provide information to us is the one which is in effect; the policy may change from time to time. We currently use information as follows:

  1. Non-personally-identifiable information: We log the IP address associated with your computer at the time of your visit to monitor the traffic to various areas of our web site and to help us diagnose any problems with our server. We may use session cookies (not stored after you exit our site) or persistent cookies (stored after you exit) to track session ID, to control colors, to store login information or other information regarding your preferences or use of our site, and to enable the shopping cart feature.
  2. Personally-identifiable information:
    1. Our site uses session cookies (not stored) to maintain user session identity.
    2. If you use the "email this to a friend" feature, we do not capture your email address or the e-mail address of the "friend"/recipient.
    3. The detailed information requested on the membership application form may be made available to the public and thus there is no expectation of privacy regarding such information. NOTE: This also should be stated on the on-line application form page itself.
    4. Those portions of our site which use encryption (as indicated by a closed lock symbol or the equivalent on your browser) collect sensitive information such as credit card numbers. We use such information, which is kept separate from other information we collect, only for the purposes related to the transaction for which you supply the information. We do not disclose such information to others for unrelated purposes.
    5. If you provide information to us off-line (e.g. postal mail or fax), this privacy policy does not apply, even if you use a form you downloaded from this web site.
  3. Unencrypted information generally. Please note that unencrypted information transmitted over the Internet is not secure and could be captured by third parties.
  4. Correction of information. If you determine that information you have supplied to us via this web site is incorrect, you may submit the corrected information to us in the same way you submitted the incorrect information or send an e-mail to
  5. External Links. This web site contains links to other external web sites that do not fall under the JUDGETHECANDIDATES.ORG domain. The CBA privacy policies do not apply to such external web sites.
The Columbus Bar Association does not endorse any judicial candidate.