Candidate Profiles

Magistrate Amy Koorn

Candidate for:
Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations/Juvenile Division

Undergraduate Education:
DePauw University, Greencastle, IN

Legal Education:
Capital Law School

Legal Experience:
My legal experience consists of the serving the public as a judicial officer (a magistrate in Probate Court), a prosecutor (in the Health Care Fraud Division of the Attorney General's Office,) a staff attorney (in the Common Pleas Court General Division), and in private practice where I represented insureds. Each of these positions have prepared me to serve as Judge in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Division. As a magistrate in Probate Court, I have experience applying the law that applies to Juvenile and Probate Court. Practically, that means I have heard cases involving the placement of minors for adoptions, the termination of parental rights, the distribution of assets, and the determination of mental competency. Additionally, in my almost ten years as a staff attorney in the General Division, I successfully managed heavy case-loads to ensure decisions were issued timely. Finally, my experience as prosecutor included indicting and trying cases that involved theft and misappropriation of Medicaid monies.

Candidate Statement:

(In response to the question, "Please explain why you believe you are qualified for the judicial position for which you are seeking election.")

I have worked in a court for a judge hearing cases and making judicial decisions for the majority of my career. This time has allowed me to learn not only the law, and the process, but also the nuances of case management, the importance of judicial decorum, and the weighty role that the judicial system plays in the fabric of our society. With every new case and issue, it is impressed upon again me how desperately our community needs judicial officers to act honestly and administer the law fairly. I am prepared to serve the public and provide the individuals who come before the court and their families, a respectful opportunity to be heard and apply the law the fairly and impartially. I recognize fully the importance of the decisions the Court makes and how it impacts the day to day lives of those who have cases, and the larger community. I take the role seriously, care about the cases, and work hard to uphold the integrity of the judicial system.

Columbus Bar Association
2018 Judiciary Committee Finding:

Highly Recommended

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Running Against:
Monica Hawkins

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