Candidate Profiles

Judge Terri Jamison

Candidate for:
Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations/Juvenile Division

Undergraduate Education:
Franklin University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Minor in Human Resources Management (Cum Laude)

Legal Education:
Capital University Law School (Harter Award)

Legal Experience:

  • Judge: Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division - Juvenile Branch
  • Principal: Jamison Law Offices, Co. LPA
  • Hearing Officer: State of Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission
  • Common Pleas Intern and Assistant Public Defender in Municipal Division: Franklin County Public Defender's Office

Business Experience:

  • Principal and Owner: Allstate Insurance Agency

Candidate Statement:

(In response to the question, "Please explain why you believe you are qualified for the judicial position for which you are seeking election.")

Prior to going to law school, I owned and managed a full-service multi-line insurance agency. I began my undergraduate studies at Columbus State Community College and transferred to Franklin University. I worked my agency full time and attended college to complete my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration. In my training with Allstate, I earned numerous certifications in financial planning. This experience has assisted me in complex divorce litigation where small businesses are divided or determining the tax consequences of the division of the marital estate. This experience is invaluable to litigants that want to maintain the functionality and profitability of their highly valued asset that they have built, many times, from the ground up.

When I was in law school, I completed Domestic Relations Mediation training and obtained certification. I assisted the Domestic Relations Mediation department as an intern. I also was an intern in the Common Pleas section of the Franklin County Public Defender's Office, interviewing defendants, researching and writing memoranda to support the attorneys. Also, I was an intern for the Civil Rights Section of the Ohio Attorney General's Office. I drafted discovery, prepared case files for presentation to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and drafted memoranda of law to support the attorneys. After I passed the bar, I began to represent defendants for arraignments under the supervision of the attorneys. This experience prepared me to go into private practice where I represented individuals in Domestic Relations, Juvenile, Criminal and Probate at the trial and appellate level. I have had complex Probate litigation where I initiated law suits to determine the heirs and concealment of assets actions. I have represented defendants in jury trials and to the bench, not only in Franklin County, but around the State of Ohio. I have represented litigants in U. S. Bankruptcy Court. As a hearing officer for UCRC, I heard unemployment appeals. I ruled on objections, admission of evidence, and issued decisions.

As a Judge, my extensive and varied background as a business person and the minor in Human Resources management has assisted me as a judge in managing our employees. A fact that may not be common knowledge to the public is that the judges also preside over the operations of the Court. We hire the Court director, deputy directors, manage the budget and have general oversight of the day to day operations of the Court and Juvenile Detention Center. We approve all new hires and terminations. My corporate training and background prepare me to discuss these responsibilities intelligently and provide an informed perspective. Being a judge has many facets other than hearing cases and writing decisions.

Many of our litigants come to Court as pro se. I have practiced in this Court prior to coming to the bench. The voters trusted me in 2012 to allow them to be heard and to give them a voice. I have had numerous trials as well as resolved numerous cases without a trial. My expertise and ability to listen and understand the issue in a case helps litigants to reach resolution sooner. When I was in private practice, I was appointed by the judges and magistrates as a guardian ad litem in both Domestic and Juvenile cases. I understand the best interest of the child standard, the guardian ad litem's duties in the case, and what the report should contain. I know how to weigh the recommendation when making my decision as to custody or parenting time with a child. I have represented parents in abuse, neglect and dependency cases and assisted them in obtaining the appropriate services to complete their case plan. I have represented juveniles in every type of case in probable cause hearings and if the case was transferred for adult prosecution, I represented them in their trials in the General Division of Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. I represented defendants in every level of felony case. Therefore, I have the knowledge to rule on objections, admissibility of evidence, and know the power of the subpoena in bringing witnesses before the Court. I've represented men and women in obtaining Civil Protection Orders. I know the various burdens of proof that must be met in presentation of evidence.

I have good time management skills which helps me to issue decisions more quickly. I have shown that I am consistently at work. Our court has the highest volume of cases in the state and you want a judge that is knowledgeable, available to the attorneys or litigants, and able to make decisions quickly to resolve the case. I'm asking you to keep me on the bench. There is a reason that I have a track record of consistency in my positions. I had an insurance agency for 16 years before going to law school. I was able to start my own practice shortly after completing law school because of my business skills. I brought that knowledge to the Court and Franklin County has the benefit of my knowledge. I've started the Compass Docket to increase the child support that families receive in collaboration with Franklin County Child Support Enforcement and many community partners. In 2017, we increased the percentage of payments from Compass participants by 9% which equates to more than $200,000.00 that families received.

Lastly, I'm asking for your vote because Your Family Matters!


  • Columbus State Community College History Maker - August, 2013
  • American Bar Association Law Student Division - April, 2013
  • Mother's Helping Mother Award of Appreciation - September, 2013
  • Prevail Respect Award of Appreciation - March, 2014
  • American School of Technology Award of Appreciation - April, 2015
  • National Association of Counties Human Service Award - July, 2017
  • Franklin County Commissioners Recognition for Child Support Awareness Month - August, 2017
  • Resolution from City Council for Recognition for Child Support Awareness Month - July, 2018

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Janie Roberts

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